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Happy Sharing

We tried¬†to gather useful information for people to read for their wellbeing. If you found your own contents being used without reference or credit noted, feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to acknowledge you! And thank you in advanced for your contribution to the community. ūüôā¬†

LINE CREATOR STICKER: Hooman with Cat & baby

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My first¬†LINE¬†Creator's Sticker has been approved!!!!!!! :-D You can¬†purchase¬†here¬†and download¬†with your LINE App! ¬†- ¬†USD$0.99¬†only! https://store.line.me/stickershop/product/1317428     ARE YOU A HOOMAN, QUEEN CAT OR KING BABY? Hooman is a Cat Slave and also a Baby Slave. Hooman's daily life is...

Joseph Senior Collections

I visited Joseph Senior who is an talented Digital Artist, and he shared his collections with me. He is a big fan of Star War.                                                 His amazing...

X-Men First Class Premier

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Sylvia Park, Auckland, New Zealand. Sponsored by AOC. Nice Body Arts works. 1st, June, 2011 EVENT VIDEOGRAPHY New Zealand hosted the world's very first public screening of the amazing X-Men: First Class movie. All the images from the...